Environmental policy

Göran Sjödéns Rehabshop AB and its two subsidiaries: Göran Sjödén Rehab Distribution AB and Göran Sjödén Rehabshop Norge A/S take their responsibility as citizens very seriously. We buy and sell assistive technology products to private individuals and county councils in Sweden and Norway. This requires great interest and knowledge of products and people’s needs. We believe that protecting the environment, and in particular our climate, is an area where we should contribute responsibly.

We take measures to prevent and minimize our negative environmental impacts, and we responsibly manage those negative environmental impacts that cannot be fully eliminated. Our biggest environmental impact today is in transportation to get goods to and from the store and warehouse. This is a priority area for development.

This includes working together to continuously improve in these areas:

  • Environmental protection is an important element when evaluating our business activities.
  • In our field of activity, we shall protect our environment by minimizing the negative environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle. We work with high quality and sustainable products and put resources into educating customers on how to care for their products to increase their lifespan.
  • We comply with national and international environmental legislation, act as a good role model and, where possible, try to participate in voluntary initiatives.
  • Our staff are trained and motivated to behave and act in an environmentally responsible manner in their daily work.
  • We communicate and interact with all stakeholders and report transparently on results and developments.
  • Our suppliers must be able to demonstrate that they operate in an environmentally friendly way.

Göran Sjödén CEO

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