Support stockings

The term “support stocking” is often used as a general term and often includes both preventive support stockings and medical compression stockings.
The difference between a support sock and a compression sock lies both in the pressure they result in on the legs, as well as the fact that a compression sock guarantees the pressure for a certain time, and also guarantees that there is the highest pressure at the ankle and gradually decreasing pressure up the leg. Support socks have a light pressure and a silent fabric that supports the leg, while a compression sock provides more pressure and has a fabric that massages the leg while you walk, thus helping your circulation.
If you want to use light support for preventive purposes, a support sock is a good choice. If you are looking for a more professional sock or have medical problems, we recommend the use of compression socks.
If you have a medical problem, we recommend talking to a doctor or nurse.
You are welcome to visit our shop. Here you can get help with trying on the sock before you buy. If you have swollen legs, we recommend a visit in the morning at opening, when the swelling is usually less.

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