Eva sit-up support with floor support

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Raising Eva is intended to be used on the bed as a support/reverse handle and as a protection against rolling out of bed.

ATTENTION! Please note that you have to order two parts to get a complete product:
– Part 1: Floor support (Art. No. 151060)
– Part 2: Bracket standard 85 cm (Art. no. 151062) or Bracket high 97 cm (Art. no. 151064).

In mid-May 2020, Eva underwent an update.

A longer bracket to fit even more bed models and with a longer anti-slip for more secure attachment to the bed frame.

The screws in both the floor and bed attachment are integrated into the design so that the user does not risk injury from a protruding screw. The only tool needed for installation is included with the product and is attached to the floor plate with a magnet.

The anti-slip rubber under the floorboard becomes larger and allows drainage during reconditioning.

Max user weight 150 kg

Product to order

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The raising support is mounted by attaching the bracket 151062 or 151064 to the floor support 151060, screw the bracket to the floor support by tightening the Allen screws properly. Adjust the brackets to enclose the bed frame and tighten the Allen screws securely. Ensure correct assembly before use and that the screws are properly tightened.

Art. no.: 151060 Floor supports

Weight: 8.4 kg

Width: 35 cm 151062 Jumper Standard

Total height: 85cm

Overall width: 33 cm, 30 cm between loops.

Jumper width: 4 cm

Weight: 3.1 kg 151064 Stirrup High (ordered when the bed has a high mattress, e.g. continental bed).

Total height: 97 cm

Overall width: 33 cm, 30 cm between loops.

Jumper width: 4 cm

Weight: 3.4 kg

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