Electric scooter Orion Metro

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The Invacare Orion Metro is equipped with several features to increase safety and reliability.
The powerful engine, front and rear suspension and large wheels help you drive safely and smoothly on any surface.

Made to order 10 days delivery time.

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The battery cover can be easily removed, allowing quick access to the batteries, electronics, motor and wiring in case of service. The drive unit and the electronics are protected against water splashes, which ensures the proper functioning of the scooter, as they are protected against dirt and moisture, thus preventing unnecessary technical failures.

The ergonomically designed handlebar of the Orion Metro offers relief for shoulders and arms during longer rides. The handbrake and the handle to adjust the steering column angle are easily accessible. The Orion is also equipped with a speed reduction system that reduces your speed when turning.



3 wheels: 103 kg

4 wheels: 110 kg

Max user weight: 136 kg

Driving distance54 km

Speed3 wheels: 10km/h

4 wheels: 6/10 km/h

Technical dataLength:

3 wheels: 1240 mm

4-wheel: 1270 mm

Seat width: 510mm

Seat depth: 470 mm

Battery: 2x12V/50 Ah (C20) AGM

Color panelBeige


Delivery time about 10 days

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  • Accessories Collibri/Leo