Eloflex A

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Eloflex A is a caregiver control specially designed for Eloflex power wheelchairs. With the caregiver control turned on, the person walking behind easily controls the power wheelchair in a comfortable and safe way. The caregiver control consists of a new joystick, two handles and a thumb joystick for the person walking behind the chair. The two handles allow the person walking behind to easily feel the movements of the chair and control the thumbstick with good precision.

With this caregiver control, the joystick on the armrest can still remain on the chair as usual. This allows the user to take over control if necessary. The new joystick also has a light that illuminates the road in front of the wheelchair.

You choose whether the kit is on the right or left side. The Tumjoystick is powered by the wheelchair’s regular battery and control box, so there is no need to charge it. It does not draw more battery power to use so your Eloflex keeps its long mileage. The total weight of the caregiver control kit including the joystick is 1.5 kg.

Eloflex A fits models F, P, H, D2 and L.

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