Eloflex care management

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The caregiver control is an arm and bracket that allows you to mount the joystick on the backrest of your Eloflex.

With the caregiver control system, the person behind or beside you can drive the wheelchair using the joystick and the person sitting in the wheelchair goes with you. An ideal and sought-after solution for older users and for certain medical conditions. The caregiver control is also a popular accessory in nursing homes and care facilities.

The caregiver guide is an accessory in the form of an arm and a bracket. You can easily install this on your Eloflex in seconds. Once the nurse guide is in place, you can then choose whether you want the joystick on the armrest as usual or whether you want to mount it on the nurse guide so that the person walking next to you can drive the chair. You simply move the joystick in seconds between the different attachments.

There are two versions of the Carer’s Guide you can choose from:
* one that fits Eloflex models M, M-Plus, P, H.
* one that fits Eloflex models L, L-Plus, F, and X.

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