Loading ramp for Eloflex F, P, L, D2

SKU: 7350006081958

Now we have expanded the range of accessories with lightweight loading ramps. The new ramps are designed to work optimally with our F, P, L and H models.

ATTENTION! To load the Eloflex with the ramps you need two of them.

For the X, we still recommend the older ramp as it is slightly wider and also has side rails which makes it easier to load the X model.

The new loading ramp weighs 6 kg and when folded is 90 cm long, 38 cm wide and 12 cm high. This means you can easily fit an Eloflex and the ramps into a hatchback or SUV, for example. The photos and video demonstrate the loading of an Eloflex P into a Volvo V70.

Contact one of our dealers for prices and more information about the loading ramp. Click here for the contact details of your nearest Eloflex dealer.

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