Seat cushion Ease by Eloflex

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Ease by Eloflex is a Swedish-made premium cushion for long-term sitting. An extra comfortable cushion for those who love their Eloflex and use it for hours on end. But also a cushion for those who want to sit comfortably at the kitchen table, in front of the TV, in the car or in a manual wheelchair. The cushion consists of spring cassettes in the seat pit which distribute pressure under the ischial tuberosities and coccyx. Best used in an electric wheelchair as the suspension protects the back and tailbone on uneven surfaces.

A good cushion provides increased comfort, which in itself is a prerequisite for enjoying the freedom that an Eloflex gives you. Ease by Eloflex gives you the best possible experience when living an active life, going out or traveling, or simply navigating through your everyday life in a seated position.

People who have difficulty walking often remain seated all day. A good, comfortable cushion is therefore just as important as good shoes for those who walk a lot. Prolonged sitting can sometimes cause problems such as soreness, skin irritation, cramps or even ulcers. With a good pad, you can prevent problems and avoid pressure sores. A good cushion also relieves pain and reduces existing problems.

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