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The Dolomite Gloss rollator is a sturdy lightweight rollator designed to provide support and stability, to enhance independence in everyday life. The Dolomite Gloss is based on all the proven core values that users already value in existing Dolomite rollators. In addition, the Dolomite concept has been further developed to better suit the needs of users in our modern and mobile society.

Available in 4 different seat heights: 60 cm, 52 cm, 45 cm, 68 cm.
Weight: 6.8 kg
Maximum usual weight: 160 kg

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Some key benefits of Dolomite Gloss:

Height-adjustable handles with ergonomic grips. The handles can be adjusted in both height and angle, the ergonomic grip is open to suit a wide range of hands and cushions the palm of the hand for maximum comfort.

Forward facing ergonomic handles allow the user to walk between the rollator handles, promoting an upright walking pattern and facilitating a natural posture.

Ample walking space inside the rollator frame is a Dolomite hallmark, and so is the Dolomite Gloss, which is both slim in outer dimensions and has a generous walking space.

The Dolomite Gloss family has 4 different sizes, with 4 different seat and handle adjustment heights.

A wide range of accessories, making it easy to adapt the rollator to the user’s needs.

One of the lightest rollators on the market with easy and smooth folding. The Dolomite Gloss weighs from 5.9 kg and measures about 19 cm when folded, making it convenient and easy to carry and store in a standing position.

The Dolomite Gloss can withstand a user weight of up to 160 kg, despite its light product weight.

You are welcome to take a look at the brochure, which can be found further down the page. Here we describe all the details in more detail.

Large walking space

Large walking space

A large walking space inside the rollator frame gives the user stability and security when walking.

Height adjustable forward facing ergonomic handles,

Height adjustable forward facing ergonomic handles,

Allows the user to walk between the handles of the walker, promoting an upright walking pattern and saving both back and shoulders.

New seat design

New seat design

The three-piece seat makes folding and unfolding easy and manageable and gives the user a large and open seating area.

Lightweight rollator with cross folding

Lightweight rollator with cross folding

Its easy folding and light weight provide advantages for storage and transportation by car.

The Dolomite Gloss family has 4 different sizes

The Dolomite Gloss family has 4 different sizes

As users look different and have different needs for support, Gloss offers variety and flexibility with the different sizes, which combined with all the accessories provide unique opportunities.

Unique brake design

Unique brake design

Easy-to-handle, short-stroke brakes make it easy to brake while walking and parking. The distance from the handle to the brake is short enough to fit even small hands.

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