Rollator Dolomite Maxi+ 65

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The Dolomite Maxi+ is designed for user groups who, for various reasons, need an extra wide and stable walker: Large users, users with a defective walking pattern, such as “slippery” or wide-track walking. The frame is reinforced and can support a user weight of up to 200 kg!

The space between the handles and between the wheels is also 100 mm wider than standard. Both the walking and seating areas are therefore generous. The large wheelbase makes the rollator extra sturdy and suitable for users with increased stability needs.

The wide seat and the extra 100 mm of space between the handles provide a generous seat. The seat folds up to provide more walking space, also making it easier to reach things and easier to open doors. The rollator is adapted to individual needs, the Dolomite Maxi+ is available in two different heights. Choose the higher model if you have difficulty getting from sitting to standing. The Dolomite Maxi+ has a wide range of accessories to adapt the rollator to individual needs.

Simple settings. The Dolomite Maxi + is very easy to use and the walker requires no daily maintenance. Maxi + is easy to adjust to the user’s needs. The height adjustment of the shooting handles is done without the use of tools and allows for precise and ergonomically correct adjustment of the shooting height.

The Maxi + is offered in two different seat heights. For example, choose the tall model for the user who has difficulty walking upright or sitting down.

User-friendly brakes Maxi + has strong and safe brakes that work as both parking and driving brakes by pushing down or pulling up the brake handle.

The Maxi + has wide brake handles, which provide good hand support and a good opportunity to brake the rollator. The brakes are simply designed so that they can be operated by people with little strength. The service brake can brake while driving without the user having to move their hand from the lever. If necessary, the Maxi + can also be equipped with a brake booster or single-handed brake.


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Extra space between the wheels: There is plenty of space in the frame itself and between the rear wheels so your feet don’t hit the ground.

Foldable seat: The seat is non-slip, comfortably rounded and folds up for a safer and upright walk

Large seat: The Maxi + is equipped with a large, rounded and reinforced seat surface that can be folded up when walking.

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