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New CEFAR TENS Chattanooga is a 2-channel stimulator, user-friendly, clear display, adapted both for home use by the patient and for the therapist in the clinic to provide treatment with electrical stimulation for pain (TENS) and neuromuscular stimulation (EMS/NMES).

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Cefar TENS is a development of Primo Pro with a combination of the possibility of pain relief TENS, muscle stimulation EMS / NMES but also for stimulation of acupuncture needles.

The intention is to have a device that can be used by both professional therapists and patients. Cefar TENS combines TENS and NMES to provide pain relief and muscle rehabilitation from clinic to home. Easy to use with a large number of functions for the patient but also possibilities for the therapist to follow the improvement if desired.

For the therapist, it enables faster rehabilitation through reduced pain, increased mobility and greater independence for the patient.



Symptom relief and management of chronic intractable pain

Complementary treatment for post-operative and post-traumatic acute pain.

Pain relief associated with arthritis


Counteracting and preventing atrophy

Maintaining or increasing mobility

Reactivate muscle function

Increasing local blood circulation TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) uses the nervous system’s own pain mechanisms to reduce both acute and long-term pain. It has also been shown to provide pain relief and improved wound healing in peripheral circulatory disorders and is effective in treating nausea.

TENS can be sufficient as a sole form of treatment, but can also be a valuable complement to other pharmacological and/or physical treatment or exercise. TENS can be combined with any other form of treatment, e.g.. pharmacological treatment and acupuncture.

At you will find more detailed information on dental treatment and, as a therapist, a separate link to access other relevant information.


Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery: Plug your device directly into the wall socket to charge the battery. Fast and complete recharge in less than 90 minutes, sufficient for 6-10 hours of treatment depending on the selected parameter.

1+1 Function: The Cefar TENS stimulator has 2 independent channels that can be operated separately. The user can select either the same program for both channels, or 2 different programs used simultaneously. This enables treatment with different frequencies simultaneously on different parts of the body, or a combination of NMES and TENS at the same time.

Reversible belt clip: Reverse the belt clip so that the cable exit is on the top or bottom depending on the body part being treated.

3 year warranty



ProgramsHigh frequency TENS

Low frequency TENS in pulse trains

Pulse-width modulated high-frequency stimulation

Treatment of sensitive skin areas

Mixed frequency stimulation – HAN stimulation

Nausea treatment

Contents2 pcs connection cables

2 rechargeable batteries

1 pc charger

1 necklace

1 pc belt clip

1 manual

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