Hearing aid battery St 13/1.45V


The new generation of Rayovac EXTRA advanced gives you a longer and more stable operating time thanks to the groundbreaking AVA technology. The new generation has up to 10% more mAh and 17% more power than previous versions.

The Rayovac extra is one of the best hearing aid batteries on the market by far.
Completely free of environmentally harmful mercury since 2010
Rayovac hearing batteries are manufactured in England, in an environmentally and quality assured factory. Rayovac’s production protects both people and the environment, the factory is both ISO and OHSA certified.
All Rayovac battery sizes are “Wireless approved” for use with all types of hearing aids, including wireless models.
Rayovac continuously cooperates with all leading hearing aid manufacturers to stay at the forefront of technological development. 144 steps of quality control ensure consistent and high quality, map by map – feel free to compare with other brands!

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Replaces: PR48, P13, A13, DA13, AC13, ZA13

Voltage: 1,45 Volt

Meets requirements for wireless hearing aids: YES

Color code: Orange

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