Fenix sheet protector

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Soft and durable sheet protector / fitted sheet with bed flaps. Very good absorbency, protects the bedding and
bed mattress to be contaminated when wetting the bed. Long-fibre cotton and polyester contribute to a soft and supple feel.
strong protection. The lying surface, barrier layer and absorption layer are laminated (bonded together) to provide extra tough and durable protection.

Also used as a pull sheet for turning, moving or repositioning bedridden persons (not lifting).
Can withstand at least 200-300 washes

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Absorption: 2.0 l/m2


Surface: 80 % long staple cotton / 20 % polyester, plain weave, quilted in squares with the middle layer.

Absorption layer: 80% polyester / 20% viscose, quilted with the lying surface.

Barrier layer: polyurethane, laminated with the absorption layer.

Bed tabs: 50 % polyester / 50 % cotton, very strong.

Other: Latex-free, Oeko-Tex certified material

Washing advice

Wash at 70-95 degrees, tumble dry at 70 degrees maximum. No plasticizers or chlorine agents may be used. No dry cleaning.

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