Cefar TNS Femina

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The stimulator for the woman before, during and after pregnancy. CEFAR FEMINA is a stimulator specifically designed for the pregnant woman.

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CEFAR FEMINA has pre-set programs and can be used before, during and after childbirth. The included hand switch makes it easier for the woman to customize the pain relief during labor by switching between intensive stimulation during labor and bass stimulation during labor breaks.

CEFAR FEMINA offers alternative pain relief during pregnancy with no side effects, no impact on the baby and is easy to use.

The machine is a handy and simple TENS stimulator developed in Sweden together with doctors, midwives and physiotherapists.

With its five pre-set programs for pain relief, massage and muscle training, it fits all your needs.

Comfortable massage and pain relief during pregnancy.

Effective pain relief during childbirth with no impact on the baby Restorative muscle training after childbirth.

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ProgramsPain relief: childbirth

pelvis, back, neck


Circulation: tired legs

Getting fit

Contents2 pcs connection cables (for 4 electrodes)

1 hand switch

1 AA 1.5 V batteries (non-rechargeable)

1 necklace

1 pc belt clip

Manual in Swedish

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