JOBST Opaque Maternity Pants

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The Opaque pregnancy pantyhose has an extra good fit and better durability as it meets the German RAL standard.

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A natural and obvious change during pregnancy is weight gain. All pregnancies are different and so is weight gain, but what is common to weight gain is that the veins in the legs are affected, putting extra pressure on them.

The growing uterus also puts more pressure on the veins in the pelvis and reduces the ability of blood to get back to the heart. In order for the fetus to get enough blood, the amount of blood in your body increases and the blood becomes thicker, putting more pressure on the veins.
With all the extra strain on the veins, varicose veins often appear during pregnancy. They often disappear, completely or partially, after the first birth. The risk of venous problems increases with the number of pregnancies.

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