Harmony cushion

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The Harmony pillow is a pressure-relieving head pillow that can also be used as a positioning pillow. It is made of a granulated and washable visco-elastic material which, with its open cells, provides natural pressure distribution, effective relief and high lying comfort. They gently mold to the contours of the body, thus providing maximum contact area between the patient and the cushion. The material absorbs moisture and provides good ventilation to the skin.

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The cushion material is hypoallergenic, odorless, silent, and without added oil.

-Washable at 95 ºC, can be tumble dried – Pain relieving – Conforms to the body – Pressure relieving / Anti-decubitus up to grade 2 – Pain relieving.

-The cushion is CE marked and, tested for flammability according to EN 597-1&2, EN 1021-1&2. 102,1

The pillowcase is made from Soft-Cell™, which is waterproof and skin-friendly, and feels like silk against the skin. Absorbs more moisture than regular cotton. Washable at 60 – 90 °C. As an accessory, you can also order pillowcases in COMFOR PUR material in a light gray color that is waterproof and vapor permeable. COMFOR PUR pillowcases are machine washable at 95°C 50 times, and can be disinfected with chlorine or alcohol.

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