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The mattress is made of a visco-elastic material which, with its open cells, provides natural pressure distribution, effective relief and high lying comfort. They gently mold to the contours of the body, thus providing maximum contact area between the patient and the mattress. The material absorbs moisture and provides good skin ventilation. The material is anti-static and does not cause allergies. The mattresses are light, functional and easy to handle.

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They can be machine washed at 95°C and tumble dried dry. They can also be steam sterilized. To facilitate washing, soak or heat the mattress. It then becomes soft and supple and easier to put in a washing machine. The mattresses can be folded or rolled up and take up little space for storage. Place in the bed with the profiled side up.

Max user weight 50-80kg

– SAFE ViscoPore foam

-BMI 21-25

– Analgesic for – burns, bone cancer, fibromyalgia, skin cancer, hypermobility, muscle tension, infiltration/myalgia

-Terminal justice

– Shapes itself to the body

– Pressure distribution / Anti-decubitus up to grade 3 The mattresses are CE marked and, tested for flammability according to EN 597-1&2, EN 1021-1&2. 102,1

Sold without cover.

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