Etac Swift Mobil 24"-2

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Shower and toilet seat with castors: a perfect solution for independence

Easy to manoeuvre
The shower and toilet seat is simple to use and easy to maneuver. The drive wheels are positioned for easy access and maximum control. Foldable armrests and generous space in front of the wheels make it easy to move sideways. The relatively even shape of the seat surface also facilitates lateral movement.

Comfortable seat
To facilitate access, the seat has an opening at the back and a hygiene outlet at the front. The seat is designed to be comfortable regardless of the user’s posture or pelvic width. For additional comfort, there are ergonomic soft seats.

Suitable for many users’ needs
Swift Mobil 24″-2 can be adapted to suit many users with different needs and sizes. It has a generous maximum user weight of 160 kg as standard, and the seat-to-floor height is adjustable (45-60 cm). The armrests can be adjusted both vertically and laterally. The width is changed by turning the armrest in either direction. Dimensions between armrests can be adjusted to 42/48/54. The soft backrest can be adjusted for positioning and comfort.

Etac Swift Mobil 24″-2 XL
For larger users, there is an extra wide backrest frame, providing an additional 6 cm between the armrests. The width between the armrests is then 48/54/60.

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Easy to manoeuvre

The placement of the drive wheels makes the chair easy to drive forward and also facilitates lateral transfers.

Adjustable seat height

Swift Mobil 24″-2 can be easily adjusted to different fixed heights without tools, providing a safe and comfortable height.

Adjustable backrest

Easy to adjust for posture, body shape and comfort. Equipped with two brackets around the shackle. Soft and quick-drying material.

Ergonomic footplates

Arched footplates provide ankle and arch support, creating comfort, stability and relaxation.

Width: 74 cm

Width between armrests: 42 / 48 / 54 cm

Length: 106 cm

Max user weight: 160 kg

Seat width: 50 cm

Seat depth: 46 cm

Seat height: 45-60 cm

Weight: 25.1 kg

Opening (depth x width): 30 x 21 cm

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