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The elbow pad has been shown to be very effective for mouse arm and tennis elbow.

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The elbow pad has been shown to be very effective for mouse arm and tennis elbow. The ceramic fabric has an effective impact on inflammatory triggered pain, which these pain conditions are a result of. Choose a tight cover rather than a larger one when treating mouse arm, as pressure on the sore area is perceived positively in mouse arm. It is worth trying the elbow protector even for more chronic problems, for example after treating a condition with cortisone shots.

Measure 8 cm above the crook of the arm
XS = 23 – 25 cm
S = 26 – 29 cm
M = 30 – 32 cm
L = 33 – 36 cm
How Back on Track works
Back on Track’s joint and muscle protectors are all made from functional textiles with heat-reflecting properties. The textile is a synergy between ancient Chinese experience and modern scientific textile technology. In the production of the polyester or polypropylene threads, ceramic particles are melted into the threads. The property of the ceramic particles is that when heated by body heat, the ceramic radiates heat that hits the body. The heat thus reflected is long-wave thermal radiation, which is the same as long-wave infrared radiation.
Thermal radiation
It is well established and documented that long-wave infrared heat radiation increases blood circulation. The increased blood circulation in the tissues relieves muscle tension and contributes to increased performance. An important application is the injury prevention effect of using the protection.

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