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Push with Elbow Support provides adjustable restriction of extension at the elbow joint. This protects against overstretching. The degree of restriction is easily adjusted with one hand. The strap system is very functional thanks to the strength of the traction forces at different angles. The zipper makes it easy to put on and take off the elbow support.

The elbow support is equipped with a fully customizable strap system that effectively controls the ability to stretch the elbow joint. The stepless strap system is made of rigid nylon straps that restrain the elbow joint beyond a normal range of motion and effectively counteract an overstretched elbow. The strap system allows early or late control of the elbow joint according to individual needs for the degree of support. The basic rule is to adjust the elbow support with an earlier hyperextension stop during high-intensity loads such as sports and exercise, as the force in the elbow is more powerful and the need for a stop is greater compared to using the elbow support in everyday life or at work.

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The Pushmed elbow support has two flexible spring rails made of stainless steel, the spring rails are well encapsulated and soft which gives minimal movement impact on the elbow joint.

The elbow support has an innovative application solution that is optimally fixed over the elbow joint by means of a zipper. The zipper can be easily closed with one hand and contributes to optimal fixation of the support over the elbow joint. To further improve fixation and compression, the elbow support has a silicone covered interior. The silicone contributes to an optimal fixation of the support over the elbow joint and effectively prevents movement of the support even during high-intensity activity and strong movement, flexion and extension of the elbow joint.

The Push Med elbow support is made of Sympress™, an extremely thin and flexible material that actively contributes to a cooler feeling under the support. Sympress™ is a soft and comfortable microfiber with an extremely thin feel for the smoothest possible elbow support.

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