MyoTrain® thigh protectors

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MyoTrain® thigh protectors are used to treat injuries to the thigh muscles, such as muscle tension, muscle strain, rupture of the muscle cords, muscle tears and thigh cakes. The protection can also be used as a preventive measure in case of repeated injuries or bruising of the thigh (e.g. after kicking). It can also be used in the aftercare of muscle injuries. The MyoTrain works on the same principle as a tape bandage with compression. The thigh guard consists of a form-fitting knitted material and has a siliconized top edge and pressure-reduced edge area, providing an optimal fit and wearing comfort. The thigh support comes with two pads (emergency and functional pad) that can be freely inserted as needed. MyoTrain can also be used without pads. The strap system with Velcro closures allows for easy donning and doffing and guarantees individual compression. If MyoTrain is used immediately after the injury, the smaller emergency pad can compress the injured site to stop the bleeding and limit the spread of the hematoma. The larger functional pad compresses the area surrounding the injury site to minimize the edematous swelling that usually occurs in this area. Longitudinal grooves in the surface structure of the functional pad promote lymphatic drainage. MyoTrain® regulates muscle tone (activity) and prevents recurrence (repeated injury).

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Injuries to the thigh muscles (in particular muscle tension, muscle strains, tears in the muscle cords or muscle tears).

Preventive, in particular in case of repeated injuries

Bruising in the thigh (e.g. after kicking)

Post-treatment of muscle injuries

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