GenuTrain P 3 knee orthosis

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Supportive brace for the knee joint to improve the alignment of the patella (kneecap).

Stretchable knitwear that is actively breathable i.e. allows moisture to pass through and is very comfortable to wear. Special knitting at the knee for extra fit and comfort. The side seam prevents pressure on the knee cap. The anatomically shaped pad makes the support comfortable and helps keep it in place during movement.

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Regulator band located lateral to the patella. On the distal (lower) part of the pad there are two friction points. The proximal pelvic area extends from the muscle tendon attachment to the vastus medialis muscle. Built into the peloton opening is a crescent-shaped patella guard. A pad with a muscle relaxant effect is placed laterally at the upper edge of the support.

Choose your size according to the size chart in the slideshow. The compression of the support accelerates the resorption of edema and effusions. The ability to maintain balance is improved and joint stability is supported.
Breathable and moisture-wicking materials. The soft material in the knee area makes the support comfortable to wear.
The pad works with the adjustment strap to correct the position of the kneecap towards the center. It also prevents lateral displacement of the patella.
After surgery, the control band guarantees positive surgical results.
The friction points relieve pressure and reduce pain in the retropatellar area.
The alternating compression of the three-dimensionally anatomically shaped knitted material, combined with the pad resting on the vastus medialis muscle, leads to pain relief.
Proprioception is improved and facilitates joint stability.
The medial patella protection prevents the patella from moving medially when the user is in motion. The patella is supported in the physiological movement.
The relaxation pad produces a slight relaxation of the iliotibial tract on the lateral patellar retinaculum through sensorimotor feedback. The outward pull of the patella is minimized.
The patella is relieved and the pain is reduced.

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