GenuTrain S Pro

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The GenuTrain S Pro is an active orthosis with adjustable guide rails for lateral stabilization.

The knee support consists of a knitted material that is extra stretchy, air permeable and moisture repellent for good user comfort – especially in the knee area. The special knitting technique ensures that discomfort in the knee area is eliminated. The freedom of movement of the knee joint can be restricted in the thread between the upper and lower part of the side rail. The splints can be adjusted to 30° – 60° – 90° flexion and 20° extension.

4-8 working days

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The splints are fixed to the leg with circular, inelastic bands, providing very good stability. A ring-shaped viscoelastic pad encloses the kneecap and facilitates the positioning of the knee pad. The anatomically shaped splints can be thermo-plastically reshaped and inserted into ‘tunnels’ on the sides. The combination of splints and straps gives the knee joint better support and stability during movement, the knee joint actively better support and long-term stabilization.

The combination of the orthotic joints and the strap system passively gives the knee joint more support. The movement of the knee joint causes the pelvic ring to change shape, massaging the soft tissue structures around the kneecap. The compression and massage effect accelerates the reduction of swelling, edema and effusions that can result from knee injuries. Mild to moderate instability


Arthritis (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis)

Meniscus injuries

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