Doff 'n' Donner stocking stuffer

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Doff N’Donner makes it painless to put on compression stockings on your arms and legs. Getting a tight compression stocking is often difficult for both users and caregivers. With this set from Doff N’Donner you get both a silicone sleeve and cone, making it extremely painless to put on support stockings on both arms and legs.

The sleeve is made of soft material so it is easy and comfortable to use. Can be used for both short and long socks.

Watch the instructional video below and find out how smart and easy it is to use.

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Cleaning of Doff N´Donner sleeve

After use, it is recommended that the Doff N’Donner sleeve be cleaned and/or disinfected. For private use, it is recommended to clean the sleeve in a regular plastic bag filled with soapy water, while swinging the bag back and forth.

When used for different patients, in institutions, hospitals, etc. the sleeve should be disinfected or sterilized.

The following method is used for disinfection:

Pull a suitably sized plastic bag over the cone.

Place the sleeve on the cone and roll it down.

Grab the open part of the bag and pull it upwards.

Fill the bag with sterilization fluid until the sleeve is covered with fluid.

Move the bag up and down so that the sterilizing liquid is evenly distributed over the sleeve.

Pull the bag off the cone with the sleeve in the bag.

Pour the liquid out of the bag.

Remove the sleeve from the bag and let it dry completely.

Discard the bag as it can only be used once.

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