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Back on Track boxer shorts offer relief from groin problems, superficial hip pain and if cold weather causes bladder or prostate problems.

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Offers relief from groin problems, superficial hip pain and if the cold causes bladder or prostate problems.

We have seen good results with the garments for pain coming from the superficial muscle of the hip, the tensor fascia lata, which can cause hip problems mainly in younger and middle-aged people.
The material is in a ribbed polyester/cotton fabric, with double fabric and a front bulge but a closed fly. Can also be used by women. The fabric is slightly elastic, which makes them less sensitive to size. The waistband consists of a slightly wider elastic band with Back on Track text.
Wash at a maximum of 40 degrees with a gentle washing program.
Sizes: S-XXL See picture.
How Back on Track works
Back on Track’s joint and muscle protectors are all made from functional textiles with heat-reflecting properties. The textile is a synergy between ancient Chinese experience and modern technology.
scientific textile technology. In the production of the polyester or polypropylene threads, ceramic particles are melted into the threads. The property of the ceramic particles is that when heated by body heat, the ceramic radiates heat that hits the body. The heat thus reflected is long-wave thermal radiation, which is the same as long-wave infrared radiation.
Thermal radiation
It is well established and documented that long-wave infrared heat radiation increases blood circulation. The increased blood circulation in the tissues relieves muscle tension and contributes to increased performance. An important application is the injury prevention effect of the use of protection

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