Hot & Cold Armlinda 15x15 cm

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A three-part hot/cold compress with Velcro for pain relief. Place the hot or cold segments on the arm, lower leg or foot and fix them with the hard-welded Velcro.

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For cold applications: To relieve pain, bruises, minor burns. Cold compresses have an astringent, decongestant and fever-reducing effect. Put in the freezer down to -18°C.

For hot applications: To relieve pain and muscle tension, to support cosmetic treatments. Warm compresses have a vasodilating effect, promote local blood circulation and relieve tension. Heat the hot-cold compress for 10 minutes in a water bath at about 60°C. Do not cook and do not come into contact with the hot parts! Remove the compress from the water bath with tongs. Do not heat in the microwave, irregular heat distribution can cause burns!

The application of the cold or warm compress should last about 5-10 minutes, then put the compress back in the fridge or in the water bath and repeat the application after 20 minutes. We recommend 2 compresses, which can be used alternately. For better skin tolerance, place a thin cloth between the skin and the compress. The information and recommendations assume that your family doctor/specialist is not concerned – if you are not sure, ask your doctor.

To clean, use a mild soap and water – no solvents or strong detergents. Use an aldehyde-free disinfectant for dry disinfection. Protect from sunlight. Do not drop compresses. Hot-cold compresses are reusable and consumable items and their lifespan strongly depends on how intensively they are used. A damaged compress should no longer be used. Soak up leaked gel with paper towels, clean body parts immediately with water, gel stains on textiles can be washed out with water. The non-toxic thermogel is not intended for human consumption, should you do so, always consult a doctor to be on the safe side. The defective pad can be disposed of with household waste.

Made in Germany from tested and toxicologically harmless, hygienic materials.

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