Stimulite® Health

You want a real home spa. No harmful substances for you. Our products are made of 100% thermoplastic polyurethane nothing else is added. It is a medical grade material that is also used for artificial heart valves. Naturally antibacterial and can withstand near skin exposure without causing contact dermatitis. Stimulite® hexagonal cells that are pressure-distributing, antibacterial, airy.
Stimulite® products have a 2 year warranty. At the end of their useful life, they are taken to the plastics recycling facility.
If you want to read more about Stimulite products, we have a separate website just for this called You can also call our Stimulite department on 031-521895.
Supracor, Stimulite, Corbee, SupraSeat, Wellness and SpaCells are registered trademarks and Slimline is a trademark of Supracor, Inc, San Jose, CA, USA.

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