Hand training

Hand training aims to strengthen and improve the function of the hands, fingers and wrists. Hand training is recommended for rehabilitation training after strokes, surgeries, injuries or overloads resulting from repetitive movements in work or sports. If you have rheumatic disorders or osteoarthritis, regular hand training helps maintain the mobility and strength of your hands and fingers. The exercise can be done in different ways depending on the specific goal of the exercise, but often weights, hand grips, rubber and elastic bands, finger balls and other exercise equipment are used.

Common exercises for hand training include:

Grip exercises with weights or hand grippers
Finger training with small balls or kneading clay
Stretching exercises with rubber or elastic bands
Knee exercises and stretches to improve joint mobility and strength.

It is important to start with light exercise and gradually increase the load to avoid injury. It is also important to stretch your hands after each training session.

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