GenuTrain Titan knee brace

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GenuTrain Titan is a very popular knee brace that stabilizes the knee and kneecap and creates pressure around the knee through the advanced compression knitting and built-in pads. This is to counteract and influence swelling, pain and slight instability. Made from microfiber, GenuTrain is moisture and heat permeable and can be worn comfortably throughout the day and during physical activity. The knee pad is anatomically shaped for a perfect fit on the leg and has a soft, finely stitched area in the knee crease to avoid creases and chafing.

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Knee support in case of instability, meniscus pain, irritations (tendomyopathy, lax ligaments, osteoarthritis, arthritis, post-traumatic and post-operative).


Omega pad: Integrated viscoelastic pad that surrounds the patella like a ring, with two pressure points distally and with two “side wings” at the level of the meniscus.

Extra stretchy, air permeable and moisture repellent material for good user comfort.

Fine knit area that is particularly soft at the knee.

Anatomical shape knitting for an optimal and secure fit.

Compression-reducing edge zones ensure that the orthosis does not stasis.

Integrated donning aid makes it easier to put the support on.

Mode of action:

The Omega Pad redistributes the compression of the orthosis from the patella to the surrounding soft tissue.

The pad ring, which changes shape with the movement of the knee joint, massages the parapatellar soft tissue structures.

The compression and massage effect accelerates the resorption of edema and effusions.

The side wings of the Omega pad reach the anterior parts of the meniscus layer and contribute to pain relief through a gear compression.

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